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About Me

Good Day,

​My name is Antony, born and raised in New York City. I have been teaching ESL in China since 2010.  Teaching is my passion, and I am lucky that I have the skills to teach in many different ways.

I believe that learning should be an ongoing adventure, and one just has to take one step at a time to reach their goals.  I do understand that the cost of education can be high, but that’s because we have to pay others for their time and experience.  As one goes up in the educational ladder the more it cost.  Teachers do not only instruct, but they guide us towards possibilities that we never thought we could achieve.  I’m glad to be one of those individuals who understands the value of knowledge and its impact on the world.


- Master of Education in   Curriculum and Instruction

- American TESOL Certified

- Building Blocks for Literacy Certified

- Member of American Tutoring Association

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